We are now GN Bank

After 84 years of committed service to our community, we are proud to announce that ISF Bank will now become GN Bank.

GN Bank Historic Timeline

GN Bank will continue to uphold the core values of ISF Bank while using our new capital, directors and management personnel to diversify and strengthen corporate governance. During this transition, ISF Bank has become more stable, safe, ready and able to serve this community for several more decades to come. The stage has been set for re-branding the bank to give it a broader scope as part of an international banking organization to be known as GN Bank. Our main headquarters will remain on the South Side of Chicago. Our continued goal is to become a successful and profitable African-American owned bank with strong operational discipline, excellent compliance record with our regulators and continue with a strong customer-friendly reputation.

We will continue to strive to remain the neighborhood bank that ‘Knows You’ as well as grow into an international bank that can take you anywhere. We appreciate your continued support of this financial institution and look forward to serving you in the years to come.