Mobile Check Deposits

How to Make Mobile Deposits

Deposit checks remotely from your mobile device without having to make a trip to the bank! Using our GN Bank mobile application you can take a picture of your check and send it securely for deposit into your selected account. 


Step 1

Open and sign into the GN Bank app. Select “Remote Deposit” then tap the “Deposit Check” option.

Step 2

Select the account you would like to deposit your check into. Enter the amount and select “Scan Check.” You will now need to take a picture of both sides of the check.

Step 3

Verify that all the information is correct (account, deposit total, endorsement etc.) Once the information has been reviewed select “Send Check for Deposit.”

Step 4

Once your deposit has been credited to your account, appropriately dispose of the deposited check.

Additional Instructions

  • Sign your check and include “Deposit Only” before depositing.
  • Void the check after depositing
  • Ensure all four corners of the check are visible in the photo.
  • Photograph the check in good lighting on a background that contrasts the paper of the check.

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Available on iOS and Android.

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