ATM Cash & Check Deposit

Looking for an ATM? GN Bank USA is part of the STAR network, giving you access to over 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Locate a Surcharge Free ATM


You can now deposit cash and checks 24/7 into any of our ATMs located at our branches.

Visit either of our 2 locations:

Main Office

4619 S Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Chicago, IL 60653

Chatham Office

8700 S Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Chicago, IL 60619


Step 1

Bring the checks and cash you wish to deposit. Make sure any checks being deposited are endorsed.

Step 2

Deposit your checks and cash directly into the GN Bank USA ATM.

Step 3

Verify the deposit amount on the ATM screen and accept.

Step 4

Take your card and receipt from the ATM.

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