Common Banking Service Charges

This document provides information about common banking fees and transaction limitations that may be applied to your GN Bank account.

Personal Checking

Account Type

Minimum Balance to OpenMonthly Maintenance Fee

Retail Checking

$100.00 $15.00*
Renaissance Checking** $100.00 $7.00*
Absolute Free Checking $100.00 $0
Advanced Student Checking $25.00 $0

*Monthly maintenance fee waived for Retail Checking with a $100 daily balance.

Fee waived for Renaissance Checking with a $10 daily balance.

**Renaissance Checking requires qualifying direct deposit.

Small Business Checking

Account TypeMinimum Balance to OpenMonthly Maintenance Fee
Small Business Checking $100.00 $25.00

Personal Savings

Account TypeMinimum Balance to OpenMinimum Balance to Open
 Statement Savings $500.00 - $999.99 $15.00**
MMDA $2500.00 $15.00

Student Savings

(Ages 13-17)*

$25.00 -

Children's Savings

(Ages 5-12)*

$5.00 -

*Please visit to learn about monthly fees, minimum balances to avoid fees, and minimum balances required to earn interest for each account.

**The fee will be charged if the account holder fails to maintain a balance of $250 and above.

 Service Charges

ATM / Debit Card Fees

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees 

$3.50 per each transactions for non GN Bank customers.
Change your ATM Card Personal Identification Number (PIN) $5.00 per change request/ Free at GN Bank ATM
Replace a lost ATM / Debit Card $15.00 per card
Overdraft Fees

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

Occurs when GN Bank pays for a transaction (including ACH transactions) when your account does not have enough funds.

$35.00 per transaction
(current fee)
Returned Item Fee
Occurs for any check or ACH transaction that GN Bank returns unpaid due to insufficient funds in an account
$35.00 per returned item
(current fee)

Extended Overdrawn Account Fee

*The Extended overdrawn Account Fee is charged daily for each day the account remains overdrawn. Please enroll in online banking and monitor your account balance closely*

$35.00 per transfer
(Effective September 16, 2019)
Savings Account Fee
Occurs when there are excessive transactions of the six transfer/withdrawal limitations (Excessive transactions are transfers and/or withdrawals)
$3.00 per transfer
(Effective September 16, 2019)

You can avoid overdrawing your account by making a deposit or transferring funds to cover the overdraft before the business day ends.

Dormant Account Fees
Dormant Account Fee
A Checking, MMDA, or NOW account is dormant if for twelve months you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account and you have had no communication with us about your account(s).
A Savings account is dormant if for six months you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account and you have no communication with us about your account(s).
$15.00 per month for each dormant account
Checking Account Fees
Account History Printout $3.00 per copy
Check Printing Fee varies based on style of check
Copy of Cancelled Check $5.00 per copy
Copy of Cancelled Withdrawal Check $5.00 per copy
Deposit Verification Statement $10.00 per statement
Duplicate Account Statement $8.00 per statement
Stop Payments Fee
Occurs when you make a stop payment request for a check, ACH, or electronic payment.
$35.00 per request
Account Closed within 90 days of Opening Fee
Occurs when you close a new checking account within 90 days of opening it
$15.00 per prematurely closed account
Document Fees
Fax Fee $1.00 per page for local faxes
$5.00 per page for long distance
Immigration Letters $10.00 per letter
Official Bank Checks $0.00 for one check each month
$1.00 fee for each additional check thereafter (in that month)
Photocopies $0.50 per copy
Temporary checks $1.00 for five checks
Money Orders
A check issued by you, purchased at a branch, for an amount up to $500.00.
$.60 per order (for orders from
$1.00 per order (for orders from
Business Account Fees
Audit Confirmation $10.00 per confirmation
Signature Guarantee $2.00 per guarantee
Legal Fees
Garnishment Processing $100.00 per garnishment
Levies, Subpoena, and other Legal Services $100.00 per service
Transfer Fees
Outgoing, Domestic Wire Transfer
Send a wire to a bank account in the United States
$30.00 per transfer
Incoming Wire Transfer
A wire transfer is deposited into your account
$15.00 per transfer
Customer Direct Transfer $10.00 per transfer
Internal Transfers $2.00 per transfer
Other/Miscellaneous Fees
 (Non- Customer)Cash a Check Fee

GN Bank does not cash checks for non-customers
Coin Counting / Redemption "GN Bank Customers Only"
Rolled Coin Purchase $0.10 per roll
Debit Card or ACH Fraud Activity Claim
Occurs when you request GN Bank to look into fraudulent activity on your account
$25.00 per hour ($15.00 minimum)
Research Fee
Occurs for research done regarding your accounts and/or loans
$250.00 per hour ($150.00 minimum)
Notary Public
Occurs when you request a witness for signatures

Check Acceptance Notice

Starting September 16, 2019 GN Bank will no longer be accepting checks with the previous name of Illinois Service Federal Savings & Loan Association AKA ISF Bank. If you have checks with this branding on them please bring them to your local branch location so that new checks can be ordered. New Checks can be ordered at no cost to you if brought in before September 16, 2019. Anything after September 16, 2019 will be normal charges on the order of checks.

For more information about service charges, feel free to contact your local GN Bank branch.

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